131 Days On An Underpriced Appetite Suppressant: Wishful Thinking vs Reality


Before anyone says anything, I want you to know this is my honest review. If you’re like me, you:

– Struggle to keep from snacking at night when the cravings are at their worst.

– Don’t want to take crazy chemical-filled appetite suppressant pills. 

– Want to still eat dessert.

– Need to curb your appetite and improve overall health and longevity.

– Want to lose weight and keep it off without torturing yourself.

– Have tried all those other restrictive diets and gained weight back. 

I really needed help controlling my overeating and losing weight. There were many days I’d start off great. I’d eat that healthy breakfast. I’d have that healthy lunch. But at night, I was craving fast food and would wind up binging.

I should mention that hunger really wasn’t why I was eating. Even if I was full, I’d still overeat. And each time, I felt just awful afterward, both physically and mentally. 

On top of that, I’m a glutton for sugar. I always had to eat sweet things at night. What’s one more donut, right?

I’d tried so many different diets and wanted something different. I wished for a quick fix that was easy and led to keeping the weight off. 

Specifically, I wanted help controlling my appetite, but in a natural way. I didn’t want something that would make my hormones go bonkers or mess with my brain chemistry. I’d thought about appetite suppressants but there’s no regulation there. Anything could be in them, including dangerous chemicals. 

I did lots of research on supplements and diet plans, and after looking at loads of reviews and prices, I finally made my choice. It starts with a free quiz which I’ll share below. 

What I signed up for vs what I got

Literally, there are tons of weight loss options all over the place. All these diet plans had me skeptical but I decided I’d rather go for that than eat weird pills that could cause serious health issues down the road. I’d never heard of Immudi before but what attracted me to it was that it was different from everything else.

Everything else is a standard one-size-fits-all type of plan. 

But I still wondered if it could work for me, even though it was recommended for  my lifestyle. 

Here’s how the website looks: 

And here’s what my weight loss plan looks like after I signed up: 

With my plan, I was given a step-by-step process and some tools to help me along.

I received a meal plan and exercise plan, plus a progress tracking sheet to help me reach my goals. 

In all, here’s what you get:

– Anti-inflammatory nutrition plan

– Easy exercise program

– Meal recommendations based on your preferences

– Simple recipes

– Progress tracking and analysis

– Daily accountability and support

It all looked so promising but I was scared. I started to doubt that this would work.

But then I downloaded the progress tracking sheet and printed it out. And when I had it in my hands, I realized I really could do this.

The reality of the experience

Since I had all these tools at my disposal from Immudi, I started getting into the meal plan. I was thrilled because my favorite things weren’t restricted. I could eat sweets still and I wasn’t stuck counting calories or macros or anything lame like that.

I also had exercises to do that were engaging and support along the way. Of all the things, I really liked this the most simply because most plans leave you fumbling for yourself.

You may start out motivated, but they do nothing to support you. You just wind up feeling alone and then with all the restrictions, you give up. Immudi is more about balance in a holistic way.

You’re not starving yourself thin and making yourself miserable. You’re relearning how to live life healthier. 

The foods are focused on reducing your inflammation too, which I think is the thing that’s missing from other diet plans. In doing this, I’ve learned that the gut and inflammation are linked and by resolving inflammation in the body, it improves digestion and helps with weight loss. 

The side-effects

What’s great about a plan like Immudi’s diets is that there are no side effects. The quiz you take asks about  your specific lifestyle, preferences, and dietary restrictions. It factors in your health concerns beyond weight loss for a whole-body renovation. 

After a couple weeks of doing this, I realized my clothes were feeling less snug. And a few weeks after that, I knew I’d found the way to lose weight and be healthy.

131 days in

After following the Immudi plan for 131 days, I’m so excited to tell you that in those 4 months, I lost 43 pounds. I did this without having to restrict myself from foods I loved, without depriving myself or doing weird workouts. 

I was almost in disbelief, like this couldn’t happen to me. So much so, that I initially resisted the urge to go shopping. My pants were falling off and I’d poked some extra holes in my belts so I could keep from having them fall down to my ankles. 

And the weight loss is great but the most amazing thing is how energetic I feel. I don’t think I’ve felt this way since I was a little kid. I’m full of life and happy. I am so glad I did this!

My biggest takeaways for anyone thinking of trying Immudi…

– You still get to eat things you love.

– There’s no crazy calorie counting or starvation.

– You get all the support you need so you’re not floundering.

I personally recommend Immudi because I think it really works for everyone. And the reason it does is because it makes a plan that’s just for you. You and your best friend could both do it and have completely different plans, which is exactly how it should be.

This program is high quality and it costs much less than I expected. 

It also has a wonderful support team that takes the time to help you.

Honestly, I can’t say enough good things about this plan.

Don’t take those weird pills or follow those starvation diets. Immudi is the secret to being successful with weight loss and restoring your health. 

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