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Step #1: Your PLAN on The Immudi App

Access your plan on the mobile application or via daily emails.

You may choose to go through the program entirely via your email; however, we recommend using the app and using emails only as daily reminders to go to the Immudi app.

While you’ll receive emails nearly every day, the app is built on a self-paced framework, meaning you’ll need to complete each lesson to open the next day. Therefore, don’t worry if the emails start piling up, and go at your own pace.

Get Your Immudi Plan App

  1. Go to on your Safari (iOS) or Chrome (Android) browser 
  2. Click ‘Add to Home Screen’ (only available on Safari/Chrome browsers)
  3. Close the browser and open the Immudi app on your device’s home screen 
  4. Sign up with the email address you used to purchase your plan

Immudi is a Progressive Web App (PWA) that you save to your home screen from a mobile browser (instead of downloading from a store).

We chose the PWA framework because it takes 20x less space on your phone and provides instant, automatic updates, all without sacrificing features, performance, or the user experience.

Step #2: Support Group for Your Accountability (Optional)

The Immudi team has designed a wonderful program and powerful technology to help you improve your health. However, there is something that can multiply your growth even more.

And that “something” is human connection.

Therefore, we created a system of self-organized support groups to enhance your accountability and motivation.

You’ll receive instructions on how to join your support group today. In the meantime, read the Immudi support group guide to understand what being a support group member entails. 

If you end up accidentally closing this page, don’t worry—you’ll also receive the above instructions by email. Should you have any questions or require support, please let us know at [email protected].

That’s it! You’re all set up.

Now take action and open the first lesson!