After you place your order, we get to work! Based on the questions you answered in the quiz, we’ll craft your personalized plan to make sure it fits your exact personal requirements. All programs are double-verified — by the person making it and a supervisor. This way, you can be sure that the plan that you get is both effective and safe.

All our plans are custom-made by professional immunologists and certified health and nutrition experts.

You can follow the Immudi plan as a body inflammation reduction plan even if you haven’t been diagnosed with an autoimmune disease. Reducing body inflammation can reduce many symptoms, such as pain, fatigue, anxiety, and brain fog. If you suffer from any of these, our plan can make a huge difference.

Once you finish your journey, you will be able to reduce any symptoms caused by inflammation and/or autoimmune conditions by using the strategies learned in the program.

It depends on which plan you choose. We offer a one-time payment option for a full three-month program or a monthly subscription plan if you wish to pay in three installments instead.