Here’s Why Your Autoimmune Condition is Keeping You from Losing Weight… And what you can do to change that!


“Are you really going to eat that?” My boyfriend, Paul, of 5 years said this to me, and it wasn’t so much the words that came out of his mouth as the tone of his voice and the expression on his face.

It slowly dawned on me that maybe I wasn’t eating the best things for my health. But someone who is supposed to love you shouldn’t be like that, should they?

I started thinking about it more and more. And then I decided with the new year that I’d get myself in shape.

I changed some of the things I ate and began exercising. But I kept noticing something strange. I was bloated after everything I ate, even though I was taking the time to measure out my portions.

I also felt fatigued all the time. Not just after exercising. It was enough to make me worry that something might be wrong with me, so I made an appointment with the doctor.

When she told me I had inflammatory bowel disease, I began to cry. Dr. Jennings isn’t just good at what she does though. She’s very human and relatable, taking the time to calm me down and walk me through everything.

She did say though that I must look at ways to reduce inflammation in my body through what I ate so my gut could heal. “Things will get better,” she comforted me, “and if you also look into this program that many of my other patients have successfully used, I think you’ll find it easier.”

Mistakes People with Autoimmune Disorders Make When Trying to Lose Weight

Dr. Jennings also took the time to explain to me some of the most common mistakes people in my situation make when they’re trying to lose weight and manage this condition. She said all too often, key vitamins like B vitamins were missing and these help prevent fatigue.

Carbs, which I’d been skipping ever since Paul said what he said, are also important. I learned that they give the body fiber and it’s fiber that keeps the gut healthy. This is critical for people like me with IBS. She also told me that I needed more fruits and veggies that would give me both fiber and vitamins.

And there’s something else too…when things are off balance with an autoimmune disorder, your body isn’t producing leptin properly. It’s a fat-controlling hormone and when you’re not losing weight despite your best efforts, your body is likely making too much of it like mine was. In this case, your brain doesn’t get those messages and you don’t lose any weight.

Now I looked at the program Dr. Jennings had told me to find. I trusted her, but could this really work for me too?

How I Got My Health Back on Track and Managed IBS with an Anti-Inflammatory Diet

Dr. Jennings had directed me to a program called Immudi. She said to take the quiz on the website and that would get me started. It only took a couple minutes, asking me about my metrics and my lifestyle.

When I was done with the quiz, it supplied a plan for me. I was doubtful, but I trusted my doctor and how she said she’d seen so many of her patients improve by using it.

Right away, I was given this step-by-step actionable plan. I knew exactly what I was supposed to do without any confusion, which was great. So many plans out there for anti-inflammatory diets are like a one-size-fits-all thing and this wasn’t like that at all. It even had coaching and support, something I hadn’t had before.

So, I got started. And let me just tell you, I found that at the end of that first week, I was more energetic. I felt like I could think more clearly too, which really helped me at work. But the best part was that the bloating and my IBS symptoms stopped too.

By the beginning of the next week, I was down a few pounds. This program never once made me feel like I was torturing myself or going out of my way to take care of my health. It just felt natural, like it fit well for me.

I even began sleeping better, something I had no idea was related to my condition. I just assumed I was stressed from work or getting older. It was the inflammation, just like Dr. Jennings had said. Once I got that under control, I really felt my best.

How You Can Get Your Anti-Inflammatory Diet Plan

Now that I am down 40 pounds, I not only look and feel great but my IBS never bothers me anymore. I tamed the inflammation and got my health back on track. It’s been so effective and Dr. Jennings is thrilled that I’ve done so well. She asked me if I’d mind showing my pictures to her other patients and I agreed because I want to be an advocate to help others with autoimmune disorders like mine.

As for Paul, I left him because of his lack of support. When I ran into him a few months after starting Immudi, he was shocked. He kept calling me to apologize and begged me to see him, but I’ve just let him go to voicemail. I’m enjoying being on my own and feeling healthy.

If you have an autoimmune disorder, take the quick quiz for Immudi and see how these steps can give you everything you need to successfully lose weight, tame inflammation, and get on a healthy path!

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