Why an Anti-Inflammatory Diet is More Effective to Lose Weight Long Term Rather Than Keto


Looking to lose weight? Many people turn to the keto diet for that. While it sounds promising, an anti-inflammatory diet is a better way to get those results. Here’s why

What is the Keto Diet?

The keto diet, or ketogenic diet, restricts carbs while allowing for a diet high in fat. It’s a little like Atkins and revolves around a low-carb lifestyle. Instead of carbs, dieters are encouraged to eat fats.

That may sound tempting, especially since bacon is on the menu. 

By restricting carbs, it creates a metabolic state for the body called ketosis. It makes the body efficient at burning fat for energy, turning that fat into ketones that give energy to the brain. It can also reduce insulin and blood sugar levels. 

The Problem with Keto

However, with keto, there are a few big problems. For one, it’s more of a short-term diet. That means it’s hard to sustain in the long run. And if it’s not properly followed, dieters will fall out of ketosis. 

It’s also highly restrictive, leaving most people feeling hungry and unsatisfied. The main reason for this is because you’re not getting key nutrients your body needs while following this plan.

Diets like keto tend to create a yo-yo effect. You may lose weight but you’ll only gain it back. Fast results are common at first, but they don’t last. Once that happens, it’s hard to keep up with this type of diet over the long-term.

It doesn’t create healthy eating habits either. Eating all the bacon you want may sound delicious, but it’s incredibly unhealthy. 

Plus, the human body needs carbs to function properly. Depriving yourself of this key food group means you’ll miss out on an essential macronutrient as well as energy source to help bring balance.

What Is an Anti-Inflammatory Diet?

By contrast, an anti-inflammatory diet focuses on fresh foods, healthy fats, and a holistic approach to foods. This allows for getting key vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that keep inflammation away. 

Over the long term, inflammation can cause chronic diseases. These diseases impact longevity. By taming inflammation, it can give you a longer life. 

Chronic inflammation is marked by weight gain, fatigue, gastrointestinal issues, brain fog, anxiety, and sleep troubles. Foods that fight inflammation bring everything into balance naturally, improving health and wellness as well as helping weight come off with ease. 

Additionally, the anti-inflammatory diet isn’t as restrictive which creates better weight loss results. Most people fail diets because they can’t stand counting the calories or having to go without all the foods they love. With an anti-inflammatory diet, you get the best of everything for better health, a better body, and more energy all around.

How to Start an Anti-Inflammatory Diet

Following the anti-inflammatory diet focuses on whole health. There are many of these diets online, but before choosing one, it needs to fit your lifestyle. 

To be successful, an anti-inflammatory diet must fit your specific needs. This incorporates your habits and dietary specifications, allowing you greater chance at success. 

For the best results, it’s important to focus on whole and natural foods while limiting processed items. This will keep inflammation from causing dangerous health problems down the road while shedding pounds in a natural way. 

Where to Find the Right Anti-Inflammatory Diet

With keto, it doesn’t account for your overall health. You may want to lose weight, but it’s nearly impossible to keep it off with a plan like that. It’s just not healthy and it causes the rest of your body to suffer.

Good health goes hand in hand with weight loss. By following this rule, longevity is boosted and so too is quality of life. This is why having an anti-inflammatory diet crafted for you and your lifestyle is so important. It’s the little-known secret that people are just starting to discover. 

Following a plan made for you with easy recipes, simple exercises, progress charts, and support allow you to win big with your health and weight loss goals. Those that follow the anti-inflammatory diet report how much better they feel by changing the way they eat. 

Exercise is also important, though for longevity, the foods consumed matter most. They serve to help quell inflammation and bring balance back to the body. Without inflammation standing in the way, it is easier to lose weight. 

Instead of suffering through the keto diet and keto breath, get this anti-inflammatory diet today. You don’t want to miss out on living a longer, healthier life feeling more alive than ever, do you?

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