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by February 2023

Dec 2022

155 kg

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60 kg

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47 years

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175 cm 155 kg

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Body stiffness and pain

Anxiety, depression, and brain fog

of people with similar profiles lost weight using Immudi plans

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2897 kcal

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20 min

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15 min

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“I’ve been there. I was anxious my body weight and inflammation were going to stay with me forever, making ne unable to live without constant fatigue, brain fog, and chronic pain.

Together, we’ll use meal plans, workout plans, and other techniques designed for gradual weight loss and elimination of inflammatory symptoms so you can enjoy the kind of vibrant, total health you’ve always wanted.

Our nutritionists and health coaches work around the clock to prepare the most effective plans to support your body and keep you glowing, fit, and full of energy. 

Try it out – you have my personal guarantee it’s going to work.”

Ashley Daniels

Autoimmune Expert,
Health & Nutrition Coach