Why Immudi’s Anti-Inflammatory Diet is Better Than the Carnivore Diet


By the time I was in my mid-40s, I was heavier than I’d ever been. With my divorce behind me, I wanted to look my best. My ex had made it clear he didn’t want to even associate with our children, and I knew I had to take care of my health.

I’m all my kids have now. What would they have without me?

I started trying all kinds of diets. Then a coworker recommended the carnivore diet. I began following it, though I started having some problems.

That’s when I decided to consult my doctor and she told me to stop doing the carnivore diet.

“It’s dangerous,” she warned. “Plus, a good diet is one that includes all the nutrients your body needs.”

When I asked her what I should do instead, she recommended an anti-inflammatory diet to help me balance my body. “This will help you naturally shed the weight while going for a more holistic approach to your health.”

I was willing to try anything. Obviously. I mean, that’s why I started doing the carnivore diet. Before I started with an anti-inflammatory diet though, I looked more into the negatives of the carnivore diet.

What Is a Carnivore Diet?

With the carnivore diet, no carbs are permitted. The foods that must be consumed should either have once walked, flew, or swam. 

It’s all protein. 

This diet tends to appeal to those that want to lose weight or take care of autoimmune conditions. However, there are better ways to address inflammation in the body than a diet this rigid. 

It was eye-opening!

Why the Carnivore Diet Is Bad for You

First and foremost, there have not been enough studies on the carnivore diet, particularly with regards to the long-term effects. Secondly, registered dietitians everywhere always say that eliminating other important food groups is foolish.

While it may help drop pounds initially, many of the other fad diets have the same pattern. It all leads to the yo-yo effect where weight lost is promptly put back on.

Additionally, the carnivore diet has been claimed to provide anti-inflammatory benefits. Indeed, fish is a part of this diet, and it contains omega-3 fatty acids which are great for fighting inflammation. 

However, few followers of the carnivore diet are only eating fish. Red meat is another component of the diet, and it contains high levels of saturated fats which do cause inflammation.

Furthermore, a diet that contains so much protein can harm the kidneys, leading to kidney stones and gout. It also puts you more at risk for developing heart disease.

At the same time, you’re not eating fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, and beans. These foods are linked with lower rates of chronic diseases including heart disease. On top of that, you’ll miss out on vitamins and minerals, becoming deficient in the ones that are necessary for your body’s optimum function. 

Another missing nutritional element is fiber. Without it, digestive issues are imminent, plus your gut health will be thrown off balance. 

Advantages of an Anti-Inflammatory Diet Against the Carnivore Diet

My doctor told me to skip the carnivore diet because of the facts stated above. While eating fish can help with inflammation, you can’t just eat fish!

I mean, I love fish! But I don’t want it to be all I eat either. 

With an anti-inflammatory diet, you are focusing on eating fresh foods and healthy fats, giving your body a whole spectrum of nutrients to cover those essential vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that fight inflammation. 

Long-term inflammation causes serious problems, leading to chronic diseases. You may have the signs of inflammation now if you have random pains in your body, are always fatigued, suffer from insomnia, have gastrointestinal issues, suffer from brain fog, have depression or anxiety, or you keep gaining weight no matter what you try to do.

I’m telling you, the day the switch flipped for me was when I took my doctor’s advice and found an anti-inflammatory diet. It put my whole body back into balance, and I lost that extra weight too. 

And all without starving myself or eliminating foods I loved. I learned how to eat to take care of my health and in doing this one small thing, big things happened for me. 

How to Follow Immudi’s Anti-Inflammatory Diet

Immudi makes it easy to follow an anti-inflammatory diet. It all starts by taking a free, quick quiz. It takes about a minute to answer questions about your lifestyle and metrics. Then you get everything you need from delicious and simple recipes to full support to keep you motivated. 

You don’t have to hunt down some weird berries in the Amazon. Nor do you just have to eat meat, meat, and more meat. What you learn is how to balance and eat for your overall health. When you do that, everything changes for the better…your health, the way your body looks, and even more importantly, the way you feel. 

I have been eating foods I love and I don’t have to tally up the calories in everything either. Once I started an anti-inflammatory diet, I began to feel more energetic within the first week. By the end of the first month, I never wanted to eat another way again.

I feel satisfied with the foods I eat and I got to go shopping for more clothes because mine no longer fit…and not in that too-tight way from before.

I went from weighing 175 to weighing 130…that’s 45 pounds!

And I met someone great too. Maybe it was because I felt more confident in the way I looked. But regardless, every time someone tells me how great I look now, I tell them about Immudi. 

Immudi is currently featuring a limited-time offer, so take the free quiz today and get going on this amazing plan for a healthier body and a healthier life!

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