Dietitians Did Not Pay Attention to This Weight Management Solution, But with it, Suzy Lost 5 Pounds in 2 Weeks Without Restrictive Diets!


Low carb. No-carb. Starvation. Juice. You name it, I tried every diet there is.

Hi, I’m Suzy, and once I hit my 40s, I’d had enough. Enough of the stupid diets. Enough of the food restrictions.

I was officially over it.

But I was officially overweight too. Like, by a LOT.

My health was suffering from it too. Before my 40s, I didn’t feel like it was such a struggle to exist, but I found myself at the doctor, wringing my hands while sitting there in that flimsy paper robe.

There was no surprise on my behalf when he told me I needed to lose weight. In fact, he handed me a referral to a dietitian. I rolled my eyes, which I didn’t intend for him to see. But this doctor has a fun personality, so he smiled when he busted me and said, “Uh oh…what’s the matter? Not a fan of dieticians?”

In fact, I was not. Because I’d been to three different ones several years earlier when I lived in another state, before I’d started going to this doctor. He listened intently as I explained how I felt deprived and unenthused about the plans they put me on.

Then he smiled reassuringly and said, “I think you’ll find this dietitian is much different than you expect.”

I’m happy to report that he was right. This dietitian looked at the report from my doctor and told me, “I think your real problem is inflammation. If we can work on that, I know you’ll lose the weight.”

Inflammation?!? How does that affect weight?

Insane, I know, but I found out just what inflammation does to hold you back in weight loss, especially as you go through your 40s and beyond. 

Inflammation: The Reason You’re Not Losing That Weight

I was astounded when I learned about chronic inflammation and how it impacts weight gain. It’s what makes you feel fatigued all the time. It’s what gives you weird digestive issues. It’s what makes your mood feel off-kilter. It’s behind all chronic diseases, and it’s why you’re not able to lose weight. 

I would eat salads ALL the time. Yet, I was still ballooning up. 

But this dietitian was great. She told me that I should eat salads, but not JUST salads. I could have lots of other foods too. The key was to eat in a way that would help tame that inflammation. 

When I asked her why that was, she told me that inflammatory compounds in your body throw your insulin response out of whack. This causes you to gain more weight, and continues the insulin resistance problem. 

And then there’s something she said called leptin, a hormone that controls your metabolism and your hunger. When you have inflammation, leptin levels become too low and make you feel hungry all the time while your metabolism slows down. 

So, I decided to try an anti-inflammatory diet. I mostly expected it to be like everything else I tried that didn’t work. But I’m here to tell you it’s absolutely amazing! There are so many people that overlook this crucial factor. They will sell you all kinds of diets and kooky things but nothing will ever work for you until you deal with that inflammation.

I wish everyone in their 40s knew about this!

Why Other Diets Don’t Work


Those other diets are never going to work for you and I’m living proof of that. I tried them all. All of them ignore inflammation, and what’s more, they are not specific to your needs. With an anti-inflammatory diet, you can make it fit your lifestyle.

Other diets impose too many restrictions too. All that did for me was cause me to binge after I had a lousy day at work. Balance is the best approach because you learn to eat for an overall healthier lifestyle rather than deprive yourself. 

One thing that surprised me, and I’m sure it will surprise you too is this:

Weight gain isn’t a normal part of aging. It’s a part of inflammation which increases as you age.

When you start eating an anti-inflammatory diet, everything changes for you. It definitely did for me.

My Weight Management Solution

Within the first 2 weeks of using an anti-inflammatory diet, I dropped 5 pounds. Not only that, but I felt full of energy and like I was truly alive for the first time in ages. My digestion had improved and all the other strange symptoms I attributed to getting older disappeared.

Now I’ve lost all that extra weight. All of it. That’s a grand total of 46 pounds, gone! 

It all started with a quick quiz I took. My dietitian recommended I use this tool to help me gain support, track my progress, and find more recipes I liked that fit my lifestyle. All I needed to do was answer a few simple questions about my metrics and my habits. 

It’s called Immudi, and it really has been a game changer for me. If you’re over 40 and struggling to lose weight, stop the struggle! An anti-inflammatory diet makes it easy to shake off that weight while improving your overall health. And you get to eat things you love too. 

And I’m SO jealous…I just saw Immudi has a special limited-time offer. You can get your plan for even less now! Start with the free quiz and take the next step to making your 40s the best decade of your life!

Answer a quick quiz and discover which weight-loss approach suits you best!

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