Why Do Hormones Play a Huge Part in Your Body Shape, Especially When You Are 50+?


There’s a secret I learned that help me lose weight even after I turned 50. My doctor said that at 192 pounds, I needed to slim down, or else I’d wind up with health problems that could cut my life short. 

At the age of 53, I decided to pull myself together after seeing a woman on the news that was 55 and running marathons. I thought to myself, “If she can do that, I can too!”

Of course, it was not something that happened overnight. And the road was paved with pitfalls as I attempted to starve myself, exercise until I was exhausted, and nearly gave up entirely.

I want to motivate other women in my age group and show you that yes, it IS possible to get back in shape in your 50s and have an amazing, healthy life.

But there’s something important you must know. It’s the secret that will be responsible for your success…

You need to know about hormones and why they play such a vital role in shaping your body at this age. With the help of my doctor, I learned facts about hormones that will help you finally take charge of your health and your weight, resulting in looking great!

Fact #1: Hormones impact our body weight and shape

Our bodies are filled with hormones which regulate your appetite for energy levels. Some make your hungry while others tell you that you’ve had enough. An imbalance of appetite hormones can lead to weight gain.

Ghrelin is called the hunger hormone because it stimulates the part of your brain responsible for hunger, the hypothalamus. It also works with glucose metabolism and your sleep-wake cycle. Meanwhile, leptin is a hormone for fullness that your fat cells secrete. When these are unbalanced, they can cause you to gain weight. 

The body’s fat storage and breakdown are regulated by certain hormones. These hormones also have an influence on how many calories your body burns each day. This is why fluctuations in your hormones may make you gain weight, especially in certain parts of the body.

That certainly explained why I had more midsection in my 50s!

Fact #2: Hormones change as we get older

Hormonal changes happen as we age, and that can lead to weight gain. As hormones influence appetite and what you crave, plus how much fat you store, it’s easy to see why.

Following a cookie-cutter type of diet may not be enough to make any difference if your hormones aren’t balanced. With inflammation, it also interferes with leptin, that hormone that should send a signal to your brain that you’ve eaten enough. 

Leptin resistance is a huge driver of weight gain as people turn 50+. Even if you’re trying to lose weight, you may not see the scale budge.

Fact #3: Exercise and different foods affect our hormone production

Perhaps you’ve tried cutting out carbs or trying other unsustainable diets. This only works against you because you’ll put the weight back on, creating a yo-yo effect.

Additionally, these extreme diets can impact your endocrine system. You need to find balance in your diet that goes beyond just eating healthy.

Until I tried an anti-inflammatory diet, I didn’t start to see results. 

Let’s face it…fad diets don’t work. With too many restrictions and your hormones, it’s a recipe for disaster. Weight gain is not something that you should excuse with aging. It is possible to lose weight and be healthy by getting your hormones in balance. 

Here’s the Weight Loss Method That Worked for Me

After discovering how my hormones were holding me back, my doctor suggested eating an anti-inflammatory diet to bring everything into balance. I found a quick quiz through Immudi which asks about your lifestyle and metrics. It then gives you an anti-inflammatory plan made by professional nutritionists and experts. 

I got to eat foods I loved plus I didn’t have to sit there counting up calories or stress myself out further. It was so easy to follow and with the trackers, support, and other tools, I felt like I wasn’t alone. 

After about a week of following the anti-inflammatory diet, I began to get my energy back. I noticed my clothes started becoming looser, and soon, I had to go shopping to get smaller sizes because everything was too big. 

One month later, I realized I was doing it. I had friends gush over how I looked, and while I was loving my slimmer figure, what I loved most was how good I felt.

Before, I felt unbalanced. Now, I am so glad I figured out the connection with my hormones to get my weight and my health under control.

Don’t wait…aging is not an excuse for weight gain. You only need to tame inflammation and get your hormones back on track to get the results you want without a fight. 

And right now, Immudi has a limited-time offer too. I’ve put the free quiz below so you can get your plan today!

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