How an Anti-Inflammatory Stopped My Menopause Bloating in My 50s


If you’re doing these 3 things, you have to stop now or you’ll keep bloating too!

I think every woman over 50 needs to hear this…you have control of that bloating!

I know, I know. I know what you are thinking. What would I know, right?

Oh, but I do. Because when I turned 51, my body started to turn on me. I was fighting hot flashes at night and bloating up like a balloon every day. I felt uncomfortable, not to mention unattractive. 

And I thought I was just going to have to suffer this way.

Spoiler alert: you don’t have to suffer with menopause bloating anymore.

Though you may be doing some things that are leading you to bloat up more. By changing these things, you can change the way you look and feel.

I found that out from a routine checkup when the doctor told me that I should look at eating anti-inflammatory foods. 

How Menopause and Bloating Are Linked

You probably noticed some bloating before you officially went through menopause. I know I did. As Dr. Phillips explained, it has to do with your hormones. You get higher estrogen levels and that makes you retain water. 

In addition to that hormonal link though, he told me that it’s incredibly common for women during menopause to experience more bloating than ever before due to gas built up in the gut. 

What he said next shook me to my core. I had no idea I was doing 3 things that made it worse. But once I knew, I was able to do something to get rid of my bloating, lose weight I’d been trying to lose for years, and feel better than I’ve had in at least 2 decades. 

3 Things You’re Doing to Make Bloating Worse in Menopause

You can’t control your hormones, but if you’re doing these 3 things, you’ve got to stop right away. The 3rd one is the most important of all!

  1. You’re not drinking enough water

It may sound counterintuitive, but not drinking enough water to stay hydrated can cause bloating. Most people don’t drink enough water anyway, but when you are a woman in her menopause years, it’s so important to get the hydration you need to bust bloating.

  1. You’re filling your stomach with air

I have always loved chewing gum. And I love drinking carbonated beverages. I try not to have sodas but I love those carbonated flavored waters. However, these things fill your stomach up with air. When that happens, you get a big, bloated belly. 

  1. You’re eating the wrong foods

It seemed like everything I ate made me bloat. But when I took a closer look at things, I realized there were a few of the usual suspects that I ate more often. Fatty foods and processed foods in particular were causing me to bloat, and they’re likely doing it to you too. 

On top of that, you may not be eating enough fiber and the right nutrients to help keep your gut from becoming inflamed. This keeps the bloating going. But there is one way to stop this endless bloating cycle. 

The answer is changing to an anti-inflammatory diet. Once I did, the bloating stopped and my life became better in just one week. 

Say Goodbye to Bloating with an Anti-Inflammatory Diet in Your 50s

Now that I knew what was causing me to bloat from menopause and the things I was doing to make it worse, I could take action. Dr. Phillips told me an anti-inflammatory diet would be a great lifestyle change to make.

In fact, he recommended one in particular. “Don’t just follow some random diet online. Immudi asks you about your metrics and lifestyle, and it has provided many of my patients with the support they need,” he told me.

Before I left, I pulled it up on my phone and took the free quiz. I was done in just a couple minutes and soon, I had the plan I needed. It was so easy to follow and I felt supported every step of the way with trackers, encouragement, and even delicious recipes that used foods I loved. 

After a week, I was no longer bloated. I felt less foggy in my brain too. And my clothes seemed to fit more comfortably. It was amazing!

Now it’s been about 6 months. I went from being bloated and being about 35lbs overweight to being at the weight Dr. Phillips advised me to get to all those months before. I love the way I look and feel, and I do not bloat up anymore.

I thought after going through menopause that I’d have nothing to really live for anymore. Now I am dating again after years on the sidelines and I feel like I’m in my 20s. 

I urge you to go take this quick quiz and see how Immudi can change your life too, even during menopause. It was the key to my success with an anti-inflammatory diet, one that didn’t make me starve or eat things I hate to get my results. Get yours too from the link below!

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