How I Got Rid of IBS After 50 Plus


And lost some weight too, an unexpected yet welcome bonus!



Improving your health starts with repairing your gut. Millie shares her story of fighting irritable bowel syndrome and winning at the age of 53, all by using a simple plan of action.


Have you ever thought that there’s something far deeper going on with your body that goes beyond those extra pounds you’re lugging around? I never did until I got into my 50s. 

It starts pretty vaguely, so vaguely, in fact, you may just peg it as part of getting older.

But it’s not.

Something was causing this problem. I wasn’t always like this. Now here I was feeling fatigued after hardly doing anything at all. 

After eating, I felt bloated and uncomfortable. I was also achy and sluggish. When people would ask if I was ok, I’d just say, “Ah, well, I’m still alive but not with pleasure.” I’d make self-deprecating jokes to cover it up but what I really wanted to tell them was I felt old and gross, and I was deeply miserable.

I couldn’t take it anymore so I made an appointment with my doctor. He suspected it was IBS and then referred me to a specialist. But there was a long waitlist to see that doctor. 

I felt unsettled and like I’d never find a way to stop this misery. I called my doctor back pleading for help because I just couldn’t wait another month for that appointment. He had his receptionist send me a restrictive diet to follow.

It was bland. And depressing. I felt like I just couldn’t do this. I had no support, nothing to keep me going. While friends and family were kind, they just didn’t know what I was really going through.

I even tried looking at supplements but none of them are regulated by the FDA. That means you really don’t know what you’re getting. And they’re not magical little pills that can fix everything either. 

The stress of it all was only making things worse. As a result, I went back to my favorite comfort foods. Little did I know, that was just digging myself deeper into the problem. 

Then the specialist’s office called. An appointment had just opened up, and could I make it? 

I raced over there, eager to end this battle with IBS once and for all. 

After confirming what my doctor had suspected, the specialist said I needed to stop eating that modern Western diet because it was agitating my gut health. He said I needed to switch to an anti-inflammatory diet. I cried and said I’d already tried some restrictive diet and he said, “No, that’s not the same. Let me show you what I mean.”

Why Most Diets Can’t Help You with IBS


As the doctor explained, on that restrictive diet, I was skipping out on food groups I needed and setting myself up for binging on foods that just aggravated my gut further. “You need fiber to keep your gut healthy. Everyone needs it, though especially people with IBS,” he told me.

That wasn’t all though. He urged me to fill my plate with fresh and healthy fruits and vegetables for fiber and vitamins. And he urged me to curb my stress because it was causing me to produce too much leptin, a hormone that controls fat. 

“Here,” he said, handing me a card with a website link on it. “I recommend this anti-inflammatory diet to all my IBS patients. You just answer a few quick questions and then follow the steps.”

Why This Anti-Inflammatory Diet Works for IBS


I wasn’t completely convinced, but I was willing to try anything. I took the quick quiz which asked about my lifestyle and metrics, then I got steps to follow for an anti-inflammatory diet based on my answers.

I never expected it to be so easy to follow. I stuck to it and got familiar with the program. And by the end of the week, I realized I was not bloating anymore, and that the discomfort was gone. I felt more energetic too, and my clothes were fitting better. 

As I kept up with this anti-inflammatory diet, I really started feeling the best I’ve felt since my early 40s. At 53, I just assumed we were all meant to feel like we had one foot in the grave. Now I know that’s not true. And since I’ve lost weight too, I feel even more confident than I have in years. 

All of this was due to inflammation, and by finding a way to tame inflammation in my gut, that’s how I got rid of IBS. 

Improve Your Gut Health to Look and Feel Your Best at Any Age


Millie is among thousands of others who have tamed inflammation and gotten gut health back on track. By changing their diets to one that doesn’t trigger inflammation, they beat the troubling autoimmune symptoms of IBS, all without starving or eating foods that made them miserable.

You can do it too, and at any age. It’s never too late to get your health back on track by using a step-by-step anti-inflammation diet plan. Just take this quick quiz to get your steps and start moving in the right direction to your best health, all without those endless waitlists, restrictive diets, or fad supplements!

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