How I Lost Weight in My 50s and Improved My Longevity by Reducing Inflammation



Good health is always important, but even more so with every passing year. Trish shares her story of how she went from dangerously unhealthy to being healthier than she’s been in years.

I never was one of those fitness people. I was that woman who always brought pies to potlucks. The one that loaded up on the Christmas cookies. The woman who indulged with reckless abandon with fried foods at my favorite local restaurant.

And then when I was 52, my husband of 30 years collapsed in the parking lot as we left that treasured restaurant. He’d had a heart attack and died instantly.

My whole world was shattered.

Our adult children were devastated. As we worked to hold each other together, I will never forget when they approached me about a month after the dust from Bill’s death had settled.

“Mom, we’re worried about your health,” they’d told me. To be honest, I’d never even considered such a thing. Not until Bill died suddenly.

Now my own mortality was hanging in the balance. Did I want to suddenly leave my children and grandchildren behind? The very thought of it made me feel ill. 

With some coaxing by my children, I soon found myself wringing my hands in the waiting room at the doctor’s office. Two of my three kids had accompanied me, flanking me on either side, probably to make sure I’d stick to my promise of seeing the doctor.

After my examination, the doctor sat down across his desk from me, looking me straight in the eye. “Trish, you know you need to lose weight because that’s the first thing you told me when you walked in here. But I need you to know that I’m seeing signs of chronic inflammation. And we need to do something about this or you’re going to wind up with a chronic disease and possibly lose your mobility. This will significantly impact your longevity.”

I tried to hold them back but the tears wouldn’t stop. I missed Bill horribly but I felt like I had so much more life to live. I wasn’t ready to join him yet. I wanted to be there to watch my grandkids hit all their milestones. I knew I had to fix this.

The doctor suggested I start changing my diet and work on some exercise for increasing my productive age. He said I should make sustainable changes so that I can keep up for the long-haul rather than try some crazy diet.

“Even still, I didn’t know where to begin.”

But then, something would happen to me that would change everything and put me on that path to my best health in years. 

Even though I wasn’t yet old enough to be considered a senior for the senior center, my neighbor, Carol, was over 55. After Bill died, she would come to check up on me. One day, she invited me to join her over there for a seniors aerobics class.

I noticed when she stopped by that she looked like she was glowing. She was full of energy, and she looked slimmer too. When I asked if she’d lost weight, she beamed at me. “I’m so glad you noticed!” 

Even still, I didn’t know where to begin. Not with myself. But it was like Carol read my mind. As she lead me to the car, she told me all about this anti-inflammatory diet and how it had helped her make sustainable changes for the long-term to improve longevity, health, and productive age. 

“The other day, I outlasted my grandkids at the playground,” she boasted. I’d met Carol’s grandsons, all 8 of them. And they are a handful! I couldn’t believe she’d not only kept up with them but kept going when they were tired. 

“Fine, I’ll bite. What did you do?” I finally asked her. 

Carol smiled and said, “I’m sending you the link right now.”

My plan for reducing inflammation and weight while increasing longevity…

It would have been easy to dismiss Carol’s attempt to help if she didn’t look fantastic and have more energy. But I knew I had to check out the link.

She’d told me that she signed up for an anti-inflammatory diet. Much like what had happened to me, her doctor had warned that in your 50s, health can deteriorate rapidly if you don’t stop eating foods that cause inflammation. Her doctor had said if she wanted to live a longer and more fulfilling life, she’d need to get her health back on track.

Once I got back home, I curiously clicked on the link Carol had sent. It featured a quick quiz and then after I finished answering some questions about my lifestyle, metrics, and other things, I received my plan. 

I hovered there for a minute, thinking of Bill. I knew he’d want me to stay here on Earth as long as possible to be there for our children and grandchildren. I plunged into it with all kinds of doubts. A month later, I’d never been happier that I did this for myself. 

I noticed within a week that I was feeling more energetic and that my digestion was better. I also noticed my clothes were starting to loosen up. By the end of that month, I only had one regret and that was that I wished I had started this plan sooner.

It has given me my life back. Even my doctor said at my last checkup that he was happy to see how I’d taken these steps to put myself on a positive track. My tests all came back with good results and he urged me to keep it up. There’s no stopping me now!

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