Overcame My Childhood Trauma


How I Overcame My Childhood Trauma and Finally Lost the Weight
By making this simple change, I took control of my life.


Some people have happy childhoods. Not me.

But I sure was good at masking it. I didn’t want anyone to know.

Every night when my father would come home from work, we’d walk on eggshells because we didn’t want to set him off.

Looking back, I realize now that it wasn’t us, my mom and me. It was him. But all I wanted was for him to be loving and kind to us.

Instead, he’d throw things and scream. He’d hit us too. Though never in the face where anyone could see the bruising.

As I grew, I began to turn to food as my comfort. It felt like the only safe thing, the only thing that ever made me feel better. Mom did it too.

I couldn’t tell anyone, not even my best friend. The highlight of each day was the feeling, the high I got, from eating junk food I’d stashed in my room.

And soon, I gained weight as a result of it, as did my mom. To me, it was an extra layer of cushioning from my father’s rage.

When I graduated from high school, I left that house and never looked back. I had no reason to visit from college…Mom had left as soon as I did too. Not long after though, she took her own life.

I was seriously considering joining her.

I continued to use food to comfort myself and kept packing on the pounds. I was the very picture of obesity that you imagine next to that word in the dictionary.

I somehow graduated college and began a career, and tried to start a life for myself. But the pattern that had been established in my childhood remained. The men I dated were abusive, called me “fat” and knocked me around.

This time though, I confided in my best friend from college who helped me leave the latest loser.

I thought I was doomed to be like my mom. Thankfully, I learned what was holding me back so I could finally break the cycle.

How Childhood Trauma’s Lasting Effects Can Keep You Overweight


What I didn’t know at the time was that childhood trauma makes it hard to regulate your emotions. Some people get angry about it while others become anxious and depressed. Guess which one I was.

To soothe myself, I used food as a crutch. And naturally, this impacted my physical health. I had diabetes and I was on the fast track to coronary artery disease if I didn’t do something immediately.

The doctor told me this at my checkup, but I didn’t know how to feel about it. Then she said the one thing that changed my mind:
“You are not your childhood trauma.”

I blinked, shocked. How did she know that?!?

“But how…” I started.

“We know our own kind,” she said, smiling kindly. “When I was a little girl, my dad beat me so badly that I had to go to the hospital. But that’s how I found a love for helping others in the medical field. I turned my childhood trauma into fuel to fight back and take care of myself. Don’t let yours keep you from what you need to do either.”

What she said made so much sense. But how would I ever get started?

The Secret to My Weight Loss Success: You Won’t Believe How Simple It Was!


Well, there I was, wondering how I could possibly transform from the fragile and afraid woman with too much weight and tons of health problems. It’s funny how life gives you these signs to point you in the right direction. Don’t ignore them.

I started dieting and felt like a yo-yo. I’d lose some, I’d gain it back, then lose it, then gain. It was frustrating, and I felt even less confident.

Then I was standing there in the produce section at my grocery store and trying to shop for healthier foods. I suddenly had the urge to go to the cookie aisle and load up my cart. That’s when I practically crashed into, of all people, Dr. Swanson, the lovely woman who knew my secret.

To this day, I don’t know how to thank her for her kindness. But she came along and shopped with me. And she made sure I didn’t have 20 packages of cookies in my cart. Then she told me I should use a plan created by experts to overcome the psychological and physical aspects of weight loss. It was called Immudi.

“I’ve had many patients use this anti-inflammatory diet plan to get their health metrics under control and regain confidence. I think it could work for you too.”

Say Goodbye to Your Childhood Trauma with Immudi’s Unique Anti-Inflammatory Diet Approach


If you gained weight because you were trying to forget your childhood trauma, comforting yourself with food, I have to tell you, Immudi is amazing.

It’s an anti-inflammatory diet which helps you tackle all those internal problems…the heart health, bloating, and all of that, allowing your body to heal all over. Then it tackles the psychological aspect by giving you the support and accountability you need to really make it work.

Oh, and the recipes are easy and delicious too. Dr. Swanson was right, and this was the change I desperately needed.

It all started with a simple free quiz that asked me questions about my lifestyle and metrics and then I was given a plan. And it changed my life.

I went from a very overweight woman carrying the weight of her childhood trauma on her shoulders to one that is at a healthy weight who carries her head high. The first week, I started seeing results and that kept me going.

Now it’s been 6 months, and everyone is amazed at my progress. The best part is that I feel great. I have finally freed myself from my childhood trauma and lost weight.

Don’t wait any longer…take this quick quiz and see how Immudi can help you transform your shape and the way you feel about yourself, no matter how traumatic your childhood was!

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