10 Benefits of an Anti-Inflammatory Diet For People Over 40+


I miss the days when I was young and could eat anything. Once I turned 40 though, everything seemed to change. I know it’s just my impression that it was all overnight, but it wasn’t. 

At 43, I was 175 pounds and gaining. I couldn’t figure out why this was happening to me since I was eating the same stuff I’d eaten before. I was lucky in that I looked trim most of my life. That’s why I couldn’t understand why I had plumped up so much. 

With my daughter ready to graduate from high school and head off to college, I didn’t want to embarrass her by looking like I’d stuffed myself into my clothes. And to be honest, I wanted to like the way I looked again too.

On top of that, I felt awful much of the time though I hid it from her. Her dad died when she was young, and we only had each other. I didn’t want to leave her while she was just starting out in her life as an adult. I wanted to take care of my health before it was too late.

Choosing an anti-inflammatory diet was the best thing I ever did for my health. Even my doctor said that my metrics are now going in the right direction. 

No, there’s no starving yourself or giving up foods you love eating. You don’t have to avoid carbs or count calories like those other diets. In fact, that is exactly why those diets don’t work!

I wish everyone over 40 knew about the benefits of an anti-inflammatory diet. And hence, that’s why I’m sharing my story so you can look and feel great too!

10 Benefits You Get from an Anti-Inflammatory Diet 


  1. Healthy Eating Patterns

When other diets tell you to avoid whole food groups like carbs, there’s something wrong with that thinking. You need a healthy eating pattern that gives you all the vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and fiber your body needs. Without these things, you’re going to have inflammation.

  1. Reduce Inflammation

Ok, so perhaps this is a given with an anti-inflammatory diet. But it’s so important to reduce chronic inflammation. Chronic inflammation is tied to a higher risk of diseases like cancer. 

  1. Eliminate Bloating

Something I found to be almost instantaneous when I embarked on an anti-inflammatory diet was that my bloating stopped. I constantly looked pregnant and in just days, my bloat was gone. 

  1. Not Restrictive

Eating for your best health should be easy. The anti-inflammatory diet makes it simple. There are no strict meal plans and you don’t have to count calories. You learn how to eat right by eating things that tame your inflammation.

  1. Plenty of Delicious Recipes

One of the hardest things I found with other diets is that they either promoted difficult recipes or the food just tasted horrible. How can you eat healthily if you don’t like the food? An anti-inflammatory diet is so much more versatile, plus there are endless delicious recipes to enjoy. 

  1. Prevent Disease

Your long-term health is what really matters, and that’s what I learned through all of this. By eating an anti-inflammatory diet, it’s a long-term solution and a way of life. You can’t sustain a no-carb diet or only eating fat. Plus anti-inflammatory foods help prevent things like heart disease, stroke, type 2 diabetes, certain cancers, allergies, and IBS.

  1. Heal Your Gut

My doctor had told me that with inflammation, your gut health is unbalanced. By following an anti-inflammatory diet, you help repair and balance it so it can keep your whole body healthy.

  1. Regulate Blood Sugar

Taming inflammation also helps your blood sugar stay on an even keel. If you’re in pre-diabetes territory, this is the way to get your health back on track.

  1. Weight Loss

As you get healthy with this diet, you naturally drop weight. That 175? Ha! Now I weigh 135 and I feel better than I did when I was 25!

  1. Holistic Health Approach

Wellness is all about targeting the whole body. The anti-inflammatory diet works because it doesn’t have you starving yourself thin and neglecting your health. It has you nourishing your body with what serves it best. In doing so, you’re going to look and feel your best, I can assure you!

How to Start an Anti-Inflammatory Diet

When I went to my daughter’s graduation, I was that hot mom. I couldn’t have done it without Immudi. It started with a quick little quiz that asked about my lifestyle and metrics. 

From there, I was given delicious recipes, ways to track my success, and full support. I was still able to eat my favorite foods and I didn’t have to go nuts trying to follow a rigid plan.

But the best part was how I felt the whole time. In the first week, I noticed my energy returned. I stopped having aches and pains that I’d originally thought were part of getting older. I no longer feel run-down either. 

I’m only 44 now and I have so much more life to live, and guess what? So do you! If you have started struggling with your health and your weight as you’ve hit your 40s, don’t look at it as a roadblock. Look at it as an opportunity to turn your health around.

Immudi’s quick quiz will take you only a minute to do and it’s free. Plus, they’ve got a limited-time offer that you don’t want to miss!

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