Why an Anti-Inflammatory Diet Can Help with Hypertension When You’re Over 50


Why an Anti-Inflammatory Diet Can Help with Hypertension When You’re Over 50


My doctor said I was dangerously close to dying if I didn’t do something about my health fast.

I was never what you would have called the picture of good health, but after I turned 50, I started to notice some things. At first, I shrugged them off. I figured it was all part of being in my 50s now.

But some things I just couldn’t ignore. I would feel short of breath when I wasn’t doing anything strenuous. I would wake up with headaches, which never happened to me before. 

And while playing with one of my grandkids, I noticed I felt lightheaded. I began to worry about what if something happened to me while I was taking care of him. That’s when I decided to see my doctor.

He ran some blood tests and a few days later, called me for the results. “Your cholesterol levels are high, just like your blood pressure,” he explained. “You need to take this very seriously. If you don’t, you’re not going to live beyond 55.”

I was stunned. I didn’t know what to say. But before I could even ask, he told me, “I want you to try an anti-inflammatory diet to see if we can get these numbers down.”

I was willing to try anything to improve my health. Anything. 

How an Anti-Inflammatory Diet Can Help You Lower Cholesterol Levels

Ok, so I hadn’t been in college in ages but I still knew how to look things up. I didn’t know what an anti-inflammatory diet meant so I wanted to see how it could help lower my cholesterol.

What I found out was that over time, inflammation causes the bad cholesterol, LDL cholesterol, to build up in the blood vessels. This is also influenced by your genes, but you can cheat it by eating the right foods and living a healthier lifestyle.

Anti-inflammatory foods are really the key, I found, because they reduce the bad cholesterol and help your heart health. They do this by improving blood flow and keeping those blockages away.

One of the best things to eat for an anti-inflammatory diet is foods with fiber because it lowers LDL while raising good cholesterol (HDL). It also improves your digestion, something I hadn’t even thought was affected by all this (oh but it was!).

An Anti-Inflammatory Diet Lowers the Risks of Hypertension Too


Hypertension, or high blood pressure, can lead to other huge health issues too. Think heart attack and stroke. And do you know what is hidden behind all this? Inflammation!

I was floored when I found this out and now I knew what I had to do to improve my health. 

I had to change my diet to an anti-inflammatory one to get my health back on track. My age might not be considered young but it’s definitely not old. And I’m not ready to go yet. 

I decided to follow an anti-inflammatory diet and see how my next checkup went.

How an Anti-Inflammatory Diet Helped Me Beat Hypertension


After reading up on high cholesterol and high blood pressure, I was determined not to be a statistic. So, I embarked on an anti-inflammatory diet. It’s not about starving yourself or just eating lettuce. It’s a holistic approach that starts with healing the body through what you eat.

By eating fresh foods and healthy fats, you balance your body from head to toe. 

I was amazed because before this, I was so easily fatigued. I chalked that up to being over 50. But now, I was seeing after just a few days of eating anti-inflammatory foods that I felt much more energetic.

And something else happened.

After about 2 weeks, my clothes felt looser.

A month later, I ran into my neighbor while I was walking out to my car and she told me I looked great. It suddenly dawned on me that the walk down my driveway to the car didn’t feel like a burden anymore because I was taking care of my body the way it needed me to.

How You Can Get On an Anti-Inflammatory Diet

Anti-inflammatory diets help lower your cholesterol and reduce your risk for hypertension and other chronic diseases. This is because you’re treating your whole body to a dose of good health in a natural way.

By giving your body what it needs, it can do amazing things. But you have to eat the right foods. I could not have done this without this plan.

Incidentally, I had my follow up with the doctor and my cholesterol levels were improving. He also liked that I’d lost some weight, which helped with my blood pressure too. I have more work to do but I’m going in the right direction. “Whatever you’re doing, keep it up because it’s working,” the doctor told me.

I used an anti-inflammatory diet that all started with a free quiz. It asked about my lifestyle and my metrics. It only took a minute to complete and then I got a step-by-step plan to work with. Delicious and simple recipes, ways to track my progress, and support all the way are just a few things that made it easy to stick with. 

And I’m going to keep sticking with it because this has been an amazing transformation for me. I aim to be in my 90s and outlasting everyone else thanks to the anti-inflammatory diet!

Get the Anti-Inflammatory Diet Today


Overall health is the most important thing, and it starts with what you eat. The anti-inflammatory diet helps you eat the right foods to take care of your heart health and your whole health. By taming inflammation in your body, you’re going to improve all your metrics. 

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