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Our Corporate Health and Weight Loss Program provides custom solutions helping employees tackle issues that can contribute to weight gain and difficulty losing weight. With positive Immudi reviews from over 140k users on their wellness journeys, our platform is proven to be effective, and we’re ready to help your organization too. By incorporating our product into your corporate health program, you can offer your employees a chance to achieve their weight loss goals and improve their overall health.


For vitality and overall wellbeing

Immudi diets can help your employee


Mood & Self-Esteem


Weight Loss & Vitality


Energy Levels & Performance in the Workplace

Corporate wellbeing & weight loss program

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Discover the foods that work best for you

Use our AI chef, get custom recipes and meal plans. Track your meals and log progress. No more yo-yo diets or binge eating.

Knowledge is power

Especially when it comes to dieting and achieving weight loss. Learn about your specific issues and their root causes; use AI chef to give you more alternatives and generate recipes from what you already have; and receive helpful tips for forming new habits that support your goals.

How to manage hunger

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Anti-inflammatory foods in your diet

Suitable for vegans and vegetarians

Expert support is essential

Our community of members is here to provide answers to your questions and offer inspiration to help you overcome any obstacles you encounter. Find the support you need to succeed, and pay it forward by helping others along the way.

It’s time to activate change

How Immudi helps your employees

Employee revelations

Employees use our program  to gain deeper understanding of their diets, exercise habits, lifestyle habits, and more.

Full support

Receive full support from our team of health coaches, community and AI chef.

We’ll create plans with personalized meal choices to address unique challenges of each employee and provide ongoing support to ensure long term success.

Full transformation

Allow your employees to experience a full transformation of their health and well-being.

Imagine the possibilities for their life when they achieve their wellbeing goals with confidence and ease.

Boost employee wellness

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Bigger teams

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