Here’s Why Your Dream Body Hasn’t Happened Yet (And How to Get It Starting Now!)

Lisa C. Montana  •  March 23, 2023

This year, I decided that I was finally going to get my body back on track. I thought that eating like a rabbit and exercising like crazy would give me the changes I wanted to see.

But I was so wrong.

I started to think that it was because I was over 40.

Guess what…that’s wrong too.

I know this because I finally got my dream body at the age of 43. But there was one key thing I did that helped me make that change.

I learned my body type, and ever since, it’s unlocked the key to my success. It’s going to be your key too!

Why Do You Need to Know Your Body Type to Lose Weight More Efficiently?

Those general recommendations of getting exercise, eating balanced foods, sleeping enough each night, and reducing stress are all good for everyone, but something is missing from this advice. It’s not taking into account your own metrics or your lifestyle.

The problem with not knowing your body type means that you could be doing things that work against your efforts.

That was certainly true for me since nothing I did could really help me budge the scale. I felt like a complete failure. Now I know the truth, and that truth can help you do what I did.

I lost 54 pounds because I discovered my body type. This helped me hone a plan of action for myself, one that actually worked. Called somatotypes, these serve as a starting point for your plan of action.

What Are the Different Body Types?

I know you want to cut to the chase and know your body type so you can start making those changes to your body. The three main body types are ectomorph, mesomorph, and endomorph. However, lifestyle factors such as pregnancy or menopause for women can also put you into a more hybrid body type.

Ectomorphs are thin and lanky with a smaller bone structure. Maybe people were jealous of you since you had trouble gaining weight over the years, but your struggles to be a healthy weight have no doubt made it hard for you in other ways.

Mesomorphs have a more muscle-dominant, medium-framed body, while endomorphs have more body fat than other body types. As an endomorph myself, I learned that I was more prone to insulin resistance.

And then there are the hybrids like the ecto-mesomorphs that are lean and muscular; meso-endomorphs that are strong but without well-defined muscles; and the ecto-endomorphs that are naturally thin but gained weight due to not exercising and consuming a poor diet.

Once you know your body type, it changes everything for you. And then, you can start making progress. But that’s only one piece of the puzzle. There’s one more thing that can help you.

Choose an Anti-Inflammatory Diet

Knowing your body type definitely helps, but there’s also a way to eat that will help you lose weight and improve your health. The anti-inflammatory diet changed everything for me because it takes a holistic approach to eating.

You’re eating fresher foods that deliver vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants to your body which helps reduce inflammation. Why is this important? Simple…more inflammation means more chance of chronic illnesses later in life which directly impacts your longevity.

It also impacts your ability to lose weight. And with your body type, it is crucial to be reducing inflammation for every body type to get the results you’re looking for. When inflammation is present in the body, it makes it impossible to lose any weight.

On top of that, you learn how to eat for your body without depriving yourself. Trust me when I say I haven’t had this kind of energy in nearly 20 years.

In fact, I recently ran into people I hadn’t seen since college. They marveled over how good I looked and wanted to know my secret to having all this energy at our age.

I’ll reveal the secret below!

How to Get Started with an Anti-Inflammatory Diet

Once you know your body type, taking on an anti-inflammatory diet is the easiest way to get your health back in check. You need to know your metrics and your lifestyle too though so you can make a step-by-step plan to get your health and weight in the right place.

My secret was that I took this quick quiz. It maybe took about a minute to complete and once it was done, I had my plan of action ready to go. I got easy and delicious recipes, progress charts, and continued support to keep me going.

But the best part was that by controlling the inflammation in my body, it made me feel better overall. And it helped me drop those 54 stubborn pounds.

You don’t want to miss out on doing this. Especially if you’re like me and in your 40s. It really is the key to finally reaching those goals.

Remember, it’s not just about losing the weight. That will come naturally by following the steps that align with your body type. It’s about feeling energetic, lifting that brain fog, and getting rid of that inflammation that is causing harm in your body. The sooner you do something about it, the sooner you’re going to be like me.

Take your health into your own hands right now and take this free quiz to take the next step into changing your life!


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